Car won’t start?

Could be your battery, here are a few things you should try…

Do your lights work?
Battery testing and lead-free replacementIf your lights don’t work, you probably have a dead battery which is the most common reason why cars won’t start. Please use proper safety procedures when jumping a car battery. 
If your lights do work, but your engine won’t turn over, you may have a defective ignition switch, or faulty starter.
Lights work, and engine turns over but won’t start…
Check your fuel level (an empty tank happens more than you might think),  if that’s okay;
It could be a clogged fuel filter. Fuel filters should be changed every 10 -15 thousand miles, or
It could be another ignition problem that will need to be diagnosed by a qualified technician
If your car still won’t start, call Quality Towing at 865-483-8605. Ask them to tow your vehicle to RT Clapp in Oak Ridge. We’ll diagnose the problem, complete the needed repairs and get you back on the road.

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