Disk Brake JobIf your brakes make noise, squealing or squeaking when you first drive in the the morning, it could be moisture, dirt, or rust that has collected on the rotors. The important thing is if it goes away quickly, your brakes are probably okay. If the sound persists or get worse, you’ll need to see an automotive brake professional right away.

Many drivers wait, which will make the problem not just more expensive but also more dangerous at time goes by.

A continuous high pitched squeal is usually a sign that wear tabs on the brake pads themselves are warning you that it is time for new brake pads. As brake pads wear down, they reach a point where a metal tab will strike the brake rotor and alert the driver to the need for brake service.

What are brake tabs?

Once the brake tabs wear down, the noise may abate, but the pads will become increasingly thin, which could then cause them to break or wear all the way through, closely followed by the backing plates squeezing against the brake rotors. This will produce a very loud and grinding sound. Automotive brakes that have reached this point of wear are a dangerous and expensive situation that you should avoid.

Once this metal to metal contact occurs, brakes, calipers and rotors may need to be replaced.

Additionally, a large amount of brake dust observed on your wheels, is a sign of cheap brake pads that will likely wear out sooner rather than later.

Get high quality brake pads and brake parts with qualified technicians and warranted service at RT Clapp. Count on RT Clapp to help keep you safe on the road.

There are other conditions that could cause your brakes to fail including brake fluid leaks or master cylinder problems, so if they don’t feel
right when you step on the brake pedal, you should get them serviced immediately.

Beware of failing brake systems.

If you suspect at any time that your brakes won’t stop your car, call Quality Towing at 865-483-8605. Ask them to tow your vehicle to RT Clapp in Oak Ridge. We’ll diagnose the problem with your brake system, complete the needed repairs and get you back on the road.

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