Oil Change - Oil pouring from containerA customer asked us about one of the new synthetic oils that advertises that you can go a year between oil changes. “Can I really do that?” he asked. That’s a great question, because the number one cause for major engine problems that we see daily comes from a failure to follow a proper oil change protocol.

We believe you can go a year using one of the 100% synthetic oils ONLY IF your answer to each of these questions is “Yes.”

Do you consistently do the following with your vehicle?

  • Do you drive at least 20 miles each way to work in non-stop highway driving?
  • Does your vehicle consume no oil between changes?
  • Do you personally check your tire pressure, exterior lighting and fluids at least once every three month?
  • Do you drive under 7500 miles a year?

If you answered “No” to any of the above, plan to get an oil change at least every 6 months.

Contemporary engines have multiple oil feed valve timing components with tiny orifices that must have a clean, correct viscosity oil supply. We hate to tell our customers that they need costly repairs! That’s why we still recommend 3-month 4000-mile intervals if you’re using a synthetic blend oil and 6-month 5000-mile intervals if you are using 100% synthetic oil.

Call us with your questions about oil and filter changes and taking care of your vehicle. Put our decades of experience to work for you.

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